Ohio's Early Childhood System

Key Principles

Key Principles of Ohio's Early Childhood Development System

Success Framework System Modal Diagram

Ohio is poised to discuss what an integrated early childhood system consists of beginning with key principles. These principles are adapted from "Giving Children A Chance: Strategies for Implementing Ohio's School Readiness Agenda," the implementation guide that was released in July 2007 and developed from the work of the School Readiness Solutions Group. Ohio's early childhood system will:

Key Elements of Ohio's Early Childhood Development System

Ohio will utilize the expertise, work and planning that has occurred in Ohio, including the School Readiness Solutions Group, the Strategic Framework Planning Process and the State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Planning, Build Ohio and the Governor's Early Childhood Transition Workgroup.

Ohio's definition will build upon the national model created by the Early Childhood Systems Workgroup and adopted by the Build National Initiative.